Once registered we will link your YouTube channel account to the Dragon Defender account and your "Domain" will have been created. From then on, everytime you log into the Dragon Defender site you will be taken automatically to your Domains Page. In addition we will automatically discover and scan any new videos you publish on YouTube.

Claiming your Channel also allows you to permit us to continue to retrieve data on your YouTube channel. You can revoke this permission at any time and we will remove your data from our website.
Claimed Domains are scanned at least once a day looking for New Videos and/or refreshing the last 5 videos. Each video is scanned every 60 seconds if real-time monitoring is enabled - Thunder of Dragons package.
Anyone can add any Video from any Channel.
Yes please contact us and we will stop your YouTube site from appearing in searches. It is also possible for you to manage your YouTube Channel on Dragon Defender and have it hidden from the Public. This way you can still have all the benefits we offer.
We refresh the data for every video at least once every 30 days. If a YouTube channel has been claimed we will re-scan the videos we have already scanned.

If a YouTube has not been claimed we will remove the video and channel altogether.
We are fully compliant with the YouTube API Services Terms of Service and follow their terms closely.
We use the YouTube API's to ensure we gather the most up-to-date accurate data.