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by Cadmus | April 19, 2022

We've come a long way - but we're not too sure where we've been. There is always more to do to help fight the fight against YouTube Spammers and Imposters. See our Roadmap to show what we have planned to help to support you and your channel even more.

Activity Timeline

  • Project Research, Planning and Core Development - 2020

    What an exciting year it was!

    MVP built, core site and backend released.
  • Alpha Release - 2021/Q1

    We released the Alpha version in March 2021 and started testing with a few invited YouTube Channel owners.

    Alpha Domain Creation, Automatic Channel Video Import, Improved Spam Algorithm.
  • Alpha - Dragons Lair - 2021/Q2

    We are setting a few more Dragons free as we introduce scaling with "Dragon Lairs" - this is a huge leap and will allow for decentralised processing of the YouTube Videos.

    Rewards will be given to Dragons Lair Node operators in the future.
    Daily refresh statistics routines will be added and analysed as we start to gather "Big Data", further site improvements and reporting to be added.
  • Beta Release - 2021/Q2

    Development continues as we open up the site to the World.

    We expanded our test group as even more Dragon Riders get a chance to see our latest innovations.

  • Compliance - 2021/Q3

    We worked with Google Compliance to ensure Dragon Defender conformed to their high standards - unfortunately this has meant we have had to remove a number of our dashboard statistics however WE ARE APPROVED !
  • Beta - Spam "Real-Time" Deletion - 2021/Q3

    The Fire and Ice Dragons will be almost fully grown and be able to delete YouTube Spam messages in near real-time.

    Automatic message deletion on YouTube, Multiple Nodes rolled out to improve performance as activity grows.
  • Fully Launch Website - 2022/Q4

    All Dragons released - let the games begin!
    Mainnet released as the fully grown Dragons take flight.
    Automatic message deletion on YouTube, Multiple Nodes to improve performance as activity grows, decentralised daily refresh routines added, user profile updates. `
    Start to gather feedback.
  • Marketing Increased - 2022/Q4

    Time to build the community.
  • Tokenisation - 2023/Q1

    All Dragons will get their final briefing and be ready to be set free.
    Dragons Lair node incentives with our Cardano based Native token will go live amongst further website and backend improvements.
    Fiat, PayPal and Cryptocurrency payment module added.
  • Bigger and Better - 2023/Q2 and beyond

    Lots of updates based on Feedback and site Performance.
    Cardano based Native NFT introduction - Community Dragon Images/Media go under the hammer.